Why Seal Your Concrete?

Canada’s harsh winters can leave exposed aggregate and stamped concrete looking dull and stained. At DSO, we recommend professional concrete sealing for your concrete surfaces every 2 years to keep them looking new and protect against our country’s unpredictable climate. Did you know professional sealing can protect against these common concrete killers?

  • Oil spills
  • Rust spots
  • Freezing and thawing
  • Moisture absorption
  • Salt
  • Erosion
  • Rain
  • Sun

What Makes DSO Sealer The Best Choice For Your Concrete?

Sealers are not all the same. Many contain low grade acrylic that simply wont last or be as durable against UV rays, salts and oil stains etc. At DSO we have taken it upon ourselves to offer the best acrylic sealer on the market today. Containing slow dry technology and BMA Acrylic technology that ensure the solvents will emulsify any sealer, our sealer will simply outperform any other sealer on the market. asphalt sealing 1024x574 IMGP0102_concrete_2 Driveway Sealing 1024x574