Summit Trucks

Diamond Grinding & Shotblasting

A clean smooth surface is critical for the installation of new resilient material. With our Sase grinding system and Blastrac shot blasting equipment we can offer a dustless surface preparation system that will save time, money and material on removal and installation. Our grinding system method is used on surfaces to remove adhesives or coatings, and to reduce or smooth the surface profile. The grinding disc is applied under pressure and moved across the surface until the desired effect is achieved.

Our Blastrac system is an efficient way to prepare the concrete surface. Once complete the area will be left clean, smooth, dust and contaminant free and ready for the new surface to be applied over.

Concrete Sealants

We offer several coating application options to get your job done right. Our products are the best in the business and have been used in a variety of situations to provide a long lasting protective finish.